please call me out if I do anything wrong.

please tell me if I’m following someone problematic.

please tell me if I need to tag anything for you.

please feel free to unfollow me if it makes you tumblr experience better or safer.

I love Mary lambert :)

I get sick of having to hide while she comes in.

This is bullshit. Like is this how it’s going to be for the rest of our lives? Fucking ugh.



help or be helped at

Why doesn’t this have more notes guys? C’mon, if anything we help one another more than an actual therapist at times.


i really wish tumblr wasn’t so unforgiving because it’s resulted in this overly cautious environment where everyone is deathly afraid to be unintentionally offensive

there is no surefire way to avoid offending someone, offensive content varies from person to person and there is absolutely no way to satisfy everyone

and because of that you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells. make mistakes, learn from them, have a good time.

rainy weather and thunder doesn’t make me gloomy at all it’s more like, fuck yeah this is my kingdom of darkness and i’m the queen


i just wanna be financially stable while doing something i really fucking love and i want healthy relationships that help me evolve into an even better person than i already am! 


The Tudors vs Portraiture Part IV (x)

this is so cool to look at. 


I literally just heard my sister say “frank iero’s jawline could literally cut me in half and I’d say thank you”

oh my god. This sounds like something lena would say back in the day!